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Private Jet Charter


Air Charter Service has 110 private jets that can accommodate up to 19 passengers. Sizes range from very light to heavy jets from 23 different aircraft manufacturers including Airbus, Bombardier, Cessna, Gulfstream and Embraer. Reasons for private jet charters include:

Business – private jets have fast check-in services and space to work and relax on board. Amenities include conference facilities, office and lounge areas, bedrooms, and bathrooms with stand-up showers.

Leisure – book a private jet to fly in comfort and privacy with friends and family to vacations or celebrations.

Helicopter/air taxis – more flexible than fixed-wing aircraft and suitable for short journeys to hard-to-access places, including resorts and city center locations.

Air ambulances – private jets can be the fastest and safest option for transporting patients. Specially-equipped air ambulances have full ICU capacity, ramps or cargo doors for stretchers, and space for patients to lie flat.

Here’s a private jet guide to the different types of aircraft available and some of the best private jets on offer.

Private Jet Charter


Available in various sizes to accommodate up to 19 passengers, with a range of between 291 and 777 miles. Helicopters are versatile and can land and take off in places inaccessible to jets. Popular options include:

Sikorsky S-92 – 19 passengers, 621 mile range, 174 miles/h cruise speed

Bell 429 – 7 - passengers, 449 mile range, 170 miles/h cruise speed

Private Jet Charter


Powered by one or more piston engines, which are connected to the propellers for extra thrust, instead of jet or turbine engines. Piston propellers typically carry around six passengers and have a range of between 573 and 2,119 miles.

Cirrus SR-22 – 3 passengers, 1,207 mile range, 211 miles/h cruise speed

Piper Aztec – 5 passengers, 1,181 mile range, 211 miles/h cruise speed

Private Jet Charter


Turboprops have a range of up to 2129 miles with light luggage space and room for up to 14 passengers. A turboprop, which is short for turbo propeller, uses a gas turbine to drive the propellers. These aircraft burn less fuel than very light jets so they are more cost-efficient. They also have the capability to use shorter runways.

Piper Cheyenne 400LS – 9 passengers, 2,129 mile range, 321 miles/h cruise speed

Piaggio Avanti P180 II – 9 passengers, 1,668 mile range, 379 miles/h cruise speed

Private Jet Charter


These small private jets are an alternative to turboprops and piston propellers and can seat up to four people. Very light jets normally have a maximum take-off weight of around 10,000 pounds and a range of up to 2,072 miles.

Eclipse 500 and 550 – 4 passengers, 1,295 mile range, 425 miles/h cruise speed

Cessna Citation Mustang – 4 passengers, 1,343 mile range, 391 miles/h cruise speed

Private Jet Charter


Light jets are perfect for business travel and have a maximum range of up to 2,529 miles. These jets usually have comfy interiors with a toilet on board and can accommodate up to eight passengers.

Cessna Citation CJ4 – 6 passengers, 2,072 mile range, 480 miles/h cruise speed

Hawker Beechcraft Premier I IA – 6 passengers, 2,356 mile range, 471 miles/h cruise speed

Private Jet Charter


This private jet option has a longer range of up to 3,211 miles and can carry around eight passengers.

Gulfstream G100 – 7 passengers, 3,211 mile range, 495 miles/h cruise speed

Embraer Phenom 300 – 7 passengers, 2,071 mile range, 5178 mile/h cruise speed

Private Jet Charter


Cover longer distances of up to 5,105 miles and carry up to nine passengers, with ample luggage space. Most mid-size jets have bathrooms, stand-up cabins and some come with private flight attendants.

Hawker Beechcraft 900XP – 9 passengers, 3,243 mile range, 535 miles/h cruise speed

Embraer Legacy 500 – 9 passengers, 3,449 mile range, 621 miles/h cruise speed

Private Jet Charter


Super-mid-size jets are more efficient than heavy jets, yet are capable of long-haul journeys, with a range of up to 4,026 miles. These jets can accommodate up to nine passengers, with plenty of baggage space.

Dassault Falcon 50, 50EX – 9 passengers, 4,026 mile range, 495 miles/h cruise speed

Gulfstream G200, G280 – 9 passengers, 3,913 mile range, 495 miles/h cruise speed

Private Jet Charter


Are suitable for transatlantic flights with a range of up to 7,396 miles, and can carry up to 19 passengers, with extensive baggage space. Heavy jets boast luxurious facilities like enclosed bathrooms, bedrooms, entertainment systems and often private flight attendants.

Bombardier Global 5000 – 14 passengers, 5,524 mile range, 563 miles/h cruise speed

Dassault Falcon 900EX, DX, LX – 14 passengers, 5,462 mile range, 576 miles/h cruise speed


The largest private jet option has an extra-long range of up to 7,768 miles and space for up to 19 passengers.

Bombardier Global XRS 6000 – 19 passengers, 7,077 mile range, 563 miles/h cruise speed

Gulfstream G550 – 16 passengers, 7,768 mile range, 528 miles/h cruise speed

Private Jet Charter


The most expensive luxury private jets have been heavily customized and are suitable for up to 19 passengers, with a range of up to 5,890 miles. Features include onboard offices, dining areas, bedrooms, lounges, bathrooms with stand-up showers, entertainment systems and private flight attendants.

Airbus A319 CJ – 19 passengers, 5,654 mile range, 528 miles/h cruise speed

Airbus 318 Elite – 18 passengers, 5,890 mile range, 540 miles/h cruise speed

Private Jet Charter


Air Charter Service offers group charters for up to 644 passengers at a time. There are 56 aircraft available for hire from 16 different manufacturers. Group charters are commonly used for:

Events – to transport groups to weddings and private celebrations as well as meetings, conferences and exhibitions. The aircraft can be decorated or branded for these group events.

Tours and roadshows – for music acts, sports teams, trade delegations, film and TV crews and political campaigns. Flight schedules can be tailored and flexible, with fast transit through airports.

Emergency response – to move groups in the event of emergencies like disasters or political unrest. This includes evacuations and repatriations, as well as relief logistics and transporting search and rescue teams.

Personnel logistics – for moving workers around the world, especially to remote locations. This group charter option is popular for oil and gas, mining, military, NGOs, sports, financial services and pharmaceutical companies.

Here are the aircraft options available for group charters and some of the most popular jet models.

Private Jet Charter


Can fly regional and intercontinental routes and come with luxury features such as offices, bedrooms and lounge areas. Executive airliners can accommodate up to 189 passengers and cover 5,890 miles. Options include:

Boeing 727 VIP – 189 passengers, 2,765 mile range, 575 miles/h cruise speed

Airbus A319 CJ – 44 passengers, 5,890 mile range, 540 miles/h cruise speed

Private Jet Charter


Also known as single-aisle aircraft, narrow body airliners have a cabin diameter of up to four meters and range of up to 4,487 miles. These jets can seat up to 279 people and tend to come with lavatories and flight attendants.

Boeing 757-300 – 279 passengers, 4,487 mile range, 529 miles/h cruise speed

Airbus A321 – 220 passengers, 2,676 mile range, 540 miles/h cruise speed

Private Jet Charter


Have a short range of up to 2,728 miles and are usually narrow bodied, suitable for domestic flights. Regional jet airliners accommodate up to 130 passengers and often fly from smaller airports, acting as feeder services to larger hubs.

Embraer 190, 195 – 122 passengers, 2,071 mile range, 529 miles/h cruise speed

Dornier D328 Jet – 32 passengers, 1,035 mile range, 466 miles/h cruise speed

Private Jet Charter


These turboprops are ideal for domestic flights with space for up to 74 passengers and a range of up to 1,725 miles. These jets are ideal for smaller group charters and are a cost-efficient option.

Beechcraft 1900 – 19 passengers, 621 mile range, 326 miles/h cruise speed

Saab 2000 – 50 passengers, 1,381 mile range, 424 miles/h cruise speed

Private Jet Charter


Wide body airliners are also known as twin-aisle aircraft, with a cabin diameter of up to six meters and maximum range of 10,793 miles. These jets hold up to 850 passengers and normally come with toilets and private flight crew.

Ilyushin IL – 86, 96 – 436 passengers, 8,388 mile range, 590 miles/h cruise speed

Airbus A380 – 644 passengers, 9,445 mile range, 559 miles/h cruise speed

Private Jet Charter


Air Charter Service has 54 aircraft available for cargo charters, with models capable of transporting up to 551,156 lbs. Different types of aircraft are available with various door sizes to accommodate goods. Jets are capable of carrying the following payloads: 1,323 – 4,409 lbs, 4,409 – 15,432 lbs, 8,818 – 44,092 lbs, 18,078 – 46,297 lbs, 52,911 – 105,822 lbs, 121,254 – 551,156 lbs.

Cargo charters are often used for:

Humanitarian relief – for transporting aid in the event of global disasters. Air Charter Service has worked with some of the world’s largest aid agencies to deliver cargo to destinations like Somalia, Iran, Haiti and the Philippines.

Dangerous and outsize cargo – for safely moving dangerous or heavy cargo including mechanical equipment, film sets, boats, explosives, radioactive materials and military items.

Courier services – a fast service for sensitive or time-critical deliveries supervised by local couriers with the necessary visas. Deliveries are trackable and available to worldwide destinations.

Animal transportation – to safely and humanely transport animals in line with IATA Live Animals Regulations. This includes rehoming wild animals in sanctuaries and moving livestock, with trained crew members and onboard experts to accompany the animals.

Private Jet Charter

Popular cargo charter jets available include the following models:

Piper PA-31 – 1,323 lb payload, 12 x 3 x 4 ft hold size

Metro III – 4,409 lb payload, 30 x 4 x 0,2 ft hold size

Convair CV-580 – 15,498 lb payload, 51 x 8 x 6 ft hold size

BAE 146-200F – 22,046 lb payload, 58 x 8 x 6 ft hold size

Mil Mi-26 – 44,092 lb payload, 39 x 10 x 10 ft hold size

Boeing B727-200F - 79,366 lb payload, 109 x 11 x 7 ft hold size

McDonnell Douglas DC-8 71 73F – 99,208 lb payload, 128 x 10 x 7 ft hold size

Antonov An-225 – 551,155 lb payload, 149 x 21 x 14 ft hold size


Costs for hiring a private, cargo or group charter aircraft depend on a range of factors. These include the flight distance, aircraft type, number of passengers and amount of baggage, as well as which airports you fly in and out of.

Here is a cost-per-hour charter guide to give an indication of prices:

Cessna Citation CJ3 light jet - $5,500 per hour

Gulfstream G200, G280 mid-size jet - $9,500 per hour

Boeing BBJ heavy jet - $20,000 per hour

Get a tailored private jet quote here or read more about how much private jet flights cost.

You can also find private jet flights at discounted rates through our empty leg flights page. When clients book a one-way charter, flights are often discounted by up to 75 percent so as not to return the jet empty. Empty leg charters work well for last minute trips if you want to fly via private jet.



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